Audi- Find my car in a warehouse

A mobile app that geolocates multiple cars in different car parks and triggers a notification to bring the car back to the production line when a free spot is available

Team: Me-UX designer, Marcel-Business consultant, Sebastian- Prod. Owner Client: Audi, Heilbron Germany
My role: UX UI designer frontend developer
Duration: 1 week
Methods: User flows, stories, and journeys, Site map, Sketching, Wireframes, clickable prototype using Mendix

The Brief

Based in Heilbron, Germany we can find one of the multiple manufactories that car brand owns to produce their luxury cars. At the moment not all the cars are assembled in one go and for that reason near the production line, Audi also holds 4 car parks. That means that some cars are driven away to the car park meanwhile they restock some equipment to continue the car rassemblement, like rims, seats or wiper blades.

Problem Statement

The process they have the moment to bring the car back to the production line is not an easy task. There’s no way to track an exact location of a specific car. You can imagine how frustrated would you feel if someone asks you to find a car that looks the same to another 100 around you in the same car park? Yes, we also tried to press the car keys to get some noise or light signals but it didn’t work. The designator driver goal is to find one car that could be possibly stored in 4 car parks and once e find it needs to be driven back to the production line.

The solution

Find my car app — with this app a coordinator can set up a pickup list, a list of cars that need to be brought back to the production line on that day. And a driver needs to find the car based on geolocation and drive the car back as tick off the job as done.


Meeting with the Product Owner and stakeholders to understand and discuss the problem:

Login to the web app

Coordinator View

The driver

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