multiroom audio


Caskeid is a technology developed to deliver efficient and accurate wireless multiroom audio. It can be used with any existing music streaming services as Google music, Rdio, Deezer or Spotify from any app to wireless speakers.


The Challenge

Design a mobile app solution for customers that would enjoy a multi-room audio experience. Represent user flows to set up different speakers groups and polish the final pixies to match the android material design guidelines. 


Set Up a Pair of Speaks

I used the material design as a reference and using the concept of cards it helps the user to identify a group of speakers. As purple being the brand colour of IMG, I strategically chose aqua green as a secondary colour in order to create a contrast and to effectively illustrate to the user how best to set up the speakers. The top colour of the cards will help the user to identify which stream service he is casting from.


These designs are a proof of concept for the IMG Caskeid technology. The first release will probably not be possible to get the art cover of the artist, therefore the cards will display the plain colour of the streaming source.