Creative training and therapy for people with additional needs

Client Filisia Interfaces 
Team Maria - UX Research |
Ben Jacobs - Product Manager | 
Jack Mawhinney - Visual Designer 

Duration 2 week 
Tools Invision + Sketch app

Filisia Interfaces currently reach out clients through their network, email campaigns and industry trade shows where people have the opportunity to physically try Cosmo. Our challenge is to design a new website to better showcase Cosmo by demonstrating the multiple applications it has, to help drive online sales and strengthen the brand.

Competitive Analysis

We start our research by investigating what kind of educational games we could find in the market. We start filtering the market for educational games that had the same characteristics as Cosmo. First, those who used technology like iPad: Osmo, SAM, Primo, Timocco. Posteriorly the games that can provide an improvement in motor, cognitive and communication skills even if those games, are more classic or traditional in schools as puzzles, shape match, counting or a clock. For these games, you can find them online at John Lewis, Amazon, and Learning Resources.

08 - who else is out there08 - who else is out there

User Research

The best way to reach parents and teachers for an interview is to send out an online survey and posted on social media and also email it to our network. We received 31 responses. The survey was also valuable for gathering more information about what kind of games people are buying and if they offer support after sales. Takeaways from our survey:

• 90% use sensory equipment with their child.

• 100% spend time playing with them individually and 87% in a group.

• 64% Have used an iPad to play with a child.

• 58% have purchased a specific game for a child who has special educational needs.

• 63% of game buyers aged 25–49, subsequently 36% age 50–65.

Most of the people find a new game as a recommendation of a friend or teacher from the school. For games designed for people with SEN* (Especial Education Needs), they also attend to training events and do some research on forums online.
When consider buying a toy they first value the durability of the game and if their child would be able to use it. Also, the colour is a decisive point as we are visually driven when buying toys or games. Especially for kids.


We conduct face to face interviews and some over the phone. You can see some questions that we prepared for it as long with some feedback that teachers and parents that have SEN* child answered.

Can you give me a little bit of background about yourself?
How often you interact with children?
Do you have any experience with SEN? If so, what?
Have you bought any games recently? What’s the name? Do children enjoy it? Is it one or multi players? How long would It keep their attention?


"Yes, When my son was 3YO we mostly bought new games through iPad but since he is getting older he’s after more complex games. We bought him a laptop with eye track with multiple games. At the moment he’s more into listening stories."


Who will be using these resources/toys? eg. an early years child, a child with SEN
Are you the key decision maker when buying such products?
Do you have to get approval from others before purchasing?
How often do you look to purchase such products?
Where do you buy them from? Online / Offline / (direct from company or catalogue)


"When searching for SEN* products, I still tend to look through our current suppliers and catalogs, however, I think now more people are looking outside for independent smaller companies that provide such products."

Problem statment

We believe that by redesigning the landing page, giving clear information about the product and introducing a prominent call to action buttons for buying and requesting a demo will increase the sales of their product, Cosmo.

Experience Map 

We focused on Sharon and Daisy as our main visitors of Cosmo website as they are more likely to buy this game. Their needs are different but they would strongly benefit from the information available.

Experience map_v2Experience map_v2

Information architecture

Based on the information that users wanna see and also using the current information available on their current website, we did a card sorting exercise. To find out what information people wanna see first. 

90% wanna see a image of the product of a brief description of the game.

72% of users finds the research section backs up the product feature and transmit trust

63% want to see what other buyers have to say about cosmo

Ideation - Design Studio and prototypes

We meet up with Filisia stakeholders for a design studio challenge. First, we discussed the brand using post-its and ask them to describe how they wanted Cosmo to be perceived using adjectives, Educational • Playful• Diverse • Simple • Customisable • Unique • Caring 

We also sketch together some ideas for the landing page of Cosmo. To gather the benefits and selling points and asked them how they would display that information on the web page.

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Next steps

Filisia stakeholders were happy with the design deliverable. They were quite surprised with the amount of research we did in week 1 as he also confessed that it took him almost a year to gather all the information regards what users are aiming to see from their website. 

There were many things in our feature list which would be fantastic additions: 
• Subscription plan for the software for in-app purchases,
• Create a microsite for Cosmo / secure a domain name,
• Create .GIFS to show the multiple uses of Cosmo,
• Promote data analytics for schools

SEN* — Especial Education Needs

Thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions please write down below. Do you have any experience with SEN child? I would like to hear your thoughts!