An app to manage all the jobs
that you applied for

Case study General Assembly
Team Individual project
Client Iona Seligman
My role UX Research | UX Designer
Duration 2 week 
Tools Pen Paper | Marvel | Sketch app


First week at GA and we were asked to find a partner to work with. The goal was to create an app that could improve my partner’s life. We had to quiz each other to find a problem that could be addressed using a mobile app.

How’s your job hunt going?

Meet Iona
I start to interview Iona with open questions in order to know her. I was very keen to understand Iona interests, daily activities, short and long term goals and how she normally addresses them.

Iona lives in central London with her flatmates. She is an AirB&B host in Edinburgh. As soon as she wakes up she goes through her social media, Facebook messenger, Twitter, and Instagram. She will leave home heading school after walking her dog. Not a breakfast person. Most of her time is socialising, meeting new people and spending time with her friends after work or school. She also likes to travel, volunteering, playing tennis and takes singing classes.

Problem Statement

Iona goal is to find a job that she loves. She explained to me how much time and money she’s putting on her UX course at GA and how important this is for her. At the same time, Iona doesn’t want to compromise her social life to manage her job hunt. She said how overwhelmed she feels by using different websites for job search. The only way to keep track of it is by using her email and an excel spreadsheet.I'm foolish and I'm funny and I'm needy. Am I needy? Are you sure I'm not needy? 'Cause I feel needy sometimes. That coat costs more than your house! Look, you are playing adults…with fully formed libidos, not 2 young men playing grab-ass in the shower. You go buy a tape recorder and record yourself for a whole day. I think you'll be surprised at some of your phrasing. Friend of mine from college. He also has a boat tho not called the Seaward.


Early Testing and Interactions

On the 3rd day, we sat together and I asked Iona to go through all my screens that I sketched on paper. She suggested to having a red dot on the days with a deadline. So would be easier to stand out an important day. When I showed her my 3rd screen, the statistics, was where I find my struggling points of the app. Initially, I was just displaying the overall jobs that she was applying for over a week. She wasn’t happy about it. She said how important is for her to have an overview of how many jobs she applied by job title, company, salary or other words.

Takeaways from early testing

 • Adding a highlight on the days that she have a deadline on the calendar view.

 • Improve statics screen by adding a functionality to generate smart keywords into tags to a job role that she applied for as job title, salary, company name, closing date, etc

Final screens and prototype

As a designer, I can tell how my phone was my best friend at this point, so handy and easy to bring something to life. I screenshot all my paper screens and import them to marvel app that was previously installed on my phone. I could easily add linkable areas of my screens that can link one screen to another. Huge takeaway from this experience was that you should be logged in into your account before starting your project as I start straight away once I moved to see on my desktop I understood that I was not logged in and once I did it so on my phone I lost all my project I had to do it all over again. Thumb down for time-consuming.

Overall Iona can experience not just the structure but also the interaction on the phone. At this stage, I acknowledged the natural steps moving from a low fidelity to a more high fidelity prototype bring more details to the testing.

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