Wembley — 90,000 fans in one venue
A mobile app that allows you to skip the queues
when you’re thirsty

The Brief

Wembley stadium was built in 2007 and is now rented by various companies for events such as England football matches, NFL games and music events. The venue owners see an opportunity to improve the current mobile app that allows visitors to better discover everything at the stadium and also offer an easy way to purchase food, drinks and merchandise.

Final Prototype

The Challenge
The venue owners see an opportunity to improve the current mobile app in order to maximize their revenue.

The solution
We know that most of our fans won’t buy drinks to avoid the queue.
We can make this process easier by allowing our fans to pre-ordering drinks and merchandising through the app. Also, provide more express points
to pick up drinks. 

What can Wembley learn from other stadiums?

We looked at the best stadiums in Europe and also in the US. We focused our attention on the following stadiums: Allianz arena in Munich, Camp Nou in Barcelona, Levis stadium and AT&T stadium in California and Gillette stadium in Boston. All of these stadiums have:
Loyalty Program • Good Connectivity • Mobile application • Innovative ways to purchase food, such as ordering through the app and having someone from the staff delivering to your seat.

How to reach people that have been attending big venues?

We kick off by designing an online survey. The aim is to invite people for a face to face interview or a phone call to understand their journey and experience when going to stadiums.

With the outcomes of the interviews, we picked up some relevant quotes from interviewees for our study. With these quotes, we created an affinity map by grouping them to find trends. The main trends found are: 
• Finding seats,
• Queuing for drinks,
• Leaving the stadium

“ I love big sporting events, but just getting a drink can be a nightmare"


“Concerts are awesome, I just can’t stand getting stuck in queues with so many people I don’t know”


“I don’t go to events much, but when I do I love to grab a souvenir”


User Flows

Purchasing a drink


Find your seat, toilets, shops and bars

usability Testingusability Testing
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